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Air Gunner Dry Bag

Air Gunner Dry Bags Review

Air Gunner Dry Bag Review February 2021


This new range of camo dry bags from LOMO is superb, and what’s more, the smaller 20-litre size costs less than a tenner! The dry bags feature a roll-down closure, which is very effective in keeping your gear dry and water out. When dry bags like this are dropped into water, they are normally buoyant enough – unless filled with heavy gear – to float on top of the water until you get them back out again. The bags can be used as rucksack liners, too.

Perfect for storing dry, clean clothes or hide nets and decoys. The 20L costs £7.75, the 40L is £11 and the 60L costs £13.50. For more info, visit: www.lomo.co.uk There are three sizes to choose from

20L Camouflage Dry Bag – Roll Down


40L Camouflage Dry Bag – Roll Down


60L Camouflage Dry Bag – Roll Down


Vizallo 25L Motorbike Bag


Vizallo 40L Motorbike Bag


3L Maxiview Dry Bag


6L Maxiview Dry Bag


Clear Mobile Phone Pouch – Large


Lightweight Mobile Phone Dry Bag


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