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Lomo 60L Dry Bag Holdall ABR Review

40L Drybag Holdall – Adventure Bike Rider Magazine

Although Lomo are engaged primarily in the water sports industry, their dry bags are proving very popular among our readers.

Thats probably down to reconising the fact that if it’s used in nautical pastimes then it s assured to be waterproof and because it’s not logoed with motorcycle related labels the price on the swing tag is certainly more attractive. This dry bag is a top opening roll bag, which for me is more preferable than a side opening (duffel) bag, because it is easier to pack/un-pack and particular items can be located with out having to pull out the entire contents to find them. It is made from highly abrasion resistant and waterproof polyurethane (PU) coated nylon. All the seams are welded to ensure that there is no possibility of them them leaking.

The roll down is fastened each end with clips and there are lateral compression straps that secure the contents. With the brushed material it gives a certain amount of grip when placed on the bike and your securing bungess or straps are less likely to slip off when lying down. It has a two piece carry handle and a detachable shoulder strap for easier transportation away from the bike.

In a line: A roll bag pure and simple and good value for money.

ABR Rating: 9 out of 10

(Note from LOMO: This was the highest score in the comparitive tests and we were the cheapest bag in the test. How often can anyone claim that the cheapest option was the best one!)

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