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Dry Bag Rucksacks

30L Hi Viz Cycling Dry Bag Rucksack

30L Hi Viz Cycling Dry Bag Rucksack

Price:35.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

Drybag Rucksacks

Our waterproof dry bag rucksacks are made using durable, high quality waterproof materials. The seams of these drybags are RF welded together which makes them not only strong but most importantly, fully watertight.

Roll Down Closure

We design our dry bags with roll down (roll top) closures so they will keep the contents dry in the heaviest of rains and can even handle brief immersions. Once rolled down they easily clip firmly closed to keep driving rain and spray out.

Our dry bag rucksacks are very popular with for a number of different uses. For sports, cyclists, motorcyclists, sailors and many other groups like to carry their gear around in this type of bag.

Professional outdoor workers such as power, forestry, windfarm or offshore workers find them great for carrying their gear around in.

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