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Dry Box Survival Kit

Dry Box Survival Kit

Our compact survival kit has a variety of contents to help aid survival in an emergency situation. The contents come in a mini dry box which has a Heliograph mirror on the inside of the lid which can be used for signalling among other uses.

Dimensions: 13cm x 8cm x 4cm - Weight: 185g

The contents included are:

Compact Dry Box
Carabiner Clip and Ring
Heliograph Mirror
Mini Pocket Tool (with Knife, File and Scissors)
Fire Steel
Wire Saw Device
Orange Whistle
Piano Wire
Fishing Line with an assortment of Hooks and Lures
Sewing Kit
Button Size Compass
Razor Blade
Small Pencil
Duct tape
Clear Adhesive Strips (for repairs)
Tea-light Candle

Price: 13.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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