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Gilet - Water and Wind Resistant Fleece Jacket

Gilet - Water and Wind Resistant Fleece Jacket

Our water resistant fleece gilet makes an excellent addition to your layering system, especially in the colder months. From mountain biking to hill walking these gilets will offer you an extra level of warmth when you need it.

These gilets are not made from the normal fleece that you might be used to. Regular fleece is next to useless when protecting you from the wind, even a gentle breeze will pass straight thought it. Regular fleece works well when used as a mid layer under an outer shell which can act as a barrier to wind and rain although it will also let rain pass through with ease making you wet quite quickly.

Our water resistant fleece is made from a much denser material that is much more resistant to wind penetration. It is also relatively water resistant and can stand up to light showers without letting the rain come through. It's not totally waterproof though and it will eventually saturate, but in comparison to regular fleece it will give significantly more protection.

These will also be popular with outdoor instructors who sometimes have periods standing around supervising a group and need to have something easily to hand to stop them getting cold.

Wind resistant
Water resistant
2 zipped pockets
Close fitting collar
Waist draw cord 'draught beater'

Size Chest (inches) Chest (cm)
S 35 - 38 90 - 96
M 38 - 41 96 - 104
L 41 - 44 104 - 112
XL 44 - 47 112 - 120

Price: 24.00 (Including VAT at 20%)


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