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Kayak Buoyancy Bag - Main Hatch. Size 14

Kayak Buoyancy Bag - Main Hatch. Size 14
Main Hatch Buoyancy Bag - Main ViewMain Hatch Buoyancy Bag - Dimensions InflatedMain Hatch Buoyancy Bag - Eyelet For SecuringMain Hatch Buoyancy Bag - Inflation Tube

Our Main Hatch Buoyancy Bags are designed for filling the front or rear chambers of a sea kayak if you do not have any gear inside them.

We've heard many a tale of someone out for the day in their sea kayak, but not out on an expedition, so their main hatches are empty.

These bags will help keep these chambers buoyant if the boat should spring a leak or you accidentally crack the hull on a rock etc.

The kayak air bag is inflated by blowing into the tube and you can keep it in place using a bungee, or cord by threading it through the eyelet holes to stop it moving.

The buoyancy bag is best inflated once placed in the main hatch.

Airbag Size (when uninflated and lying flat)
62cm (Width at widest point) x 111cm Long
Airbag Size (when inflated)
54cm (Width at widest point) x 103cm Long x 29cm Deep
Weight: 300g

Price:15.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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