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Best Value Award Neoprene Accessories For Swimming

best value award

Over the years we have won many awards for our outdoor swimming neoprene accessories. This includes our swim socks, swim gloves and neoprene caps. Recently our range of wild swimming neoprene accessories was put to task as part of the 220 Triathlon Magazines’ best swimming accessories group test. The team of testers at 220 Triathlon were evidently pleasantly surprised by the quality and performance of our open water swimming kit, for they awarded us not one but two BEST VALUE AWARDS.

Popular Neoprene Swimming Accessories Get Recognised. 

Our extremely popular Tri X swimming gloves and our equally popular neoprene socks were awarded this status. We at Lomo are delighted to receive such an award, especially in such a comprehensive, real-world group test of the very best neoprene accessories for open water swimmers. 

220 Triathlon Magazine is one of the top sources of real-world, kit tests for Triathlon enthusiasts in the UK. Their tests are comprehensive and done by experts with years of experience under their belt. This is why they are the top go-to source of information for triathlon-based kit and gear reviews. 

220 Triathlon Best Value Awarded Swimming Gloves and Socks

Moving forward we will wear our “220 Triathlon Best Value “  Awards with pride. For potential customers looking at purchasing new swim gloves and socks for the colder winter training season or just for keeping the hands warm during spring and summer then pairing our neoprene accessories awards with our hundreds of five-star reviews from customers will hopefully give you the confidence to purchase from Lomo Watersport. 

Enjoy your adventures and be sure to check out the issue,  head on over to https://www.220triathlon.com/ or pop down to your closest stockist and check out the group test and the magazine for lots of high-quality reviews, tests and news.

Swimming and Triathlon Gloves – Pink


Swimming and Triathlon Gloves


Swimming and Triathlon Gloves – Orange


Neoprene Open Water Swimming Socks


Neoprene Swimming Cap – Orange


Smoothskin Neoprene Swimming Cap – Black