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Dry Bag Motorcycle Panniers - Soft (1 Pair)

Dry Bag Motorcycle Panniers - Soft (1 Pair)
Motorbike Soft Pannier Dry Bags - Main ViewMotorbike Soft Pannier Dry Bags - Side ViewMotorbike Soft Pannier Dry Bags - Features DiagramMotorbike Soft Pannier Dry Bags - Top Pannier Rack Attachment SystemMotorbike Soft Pannier Dry Bags - Dimensions
Motorbike Soft Pannier Dry Bags - Velcro Strap SystemMotorbike Soft Pannier Dry Bags - Velcro Strap Tidy HooksMotorbike Soft Pannier Dry Bags - Easy to Use Velcro Strap SystemMotorbike Soft Pannier Dry Bags - View Mounted on MotorcycleMotorbike Soft Pannier Dry Bags - Easy to Use Velcro Strap System

The Lomo waterproof motorbike soft panniers come as a pair and are easy to fit to your motorcycle pannier rack using the adjustable webbing straps and Velcro mounting system.

When designing these motorcycle panniers we started by utilising our experience in making trustworthy waterproof roll top dry bags. Using durable and completely waterproof PVC material, we welded all of the seams to ensure that when closed correctly these panniers can withstand driving rain, even when riding at speed.

If you compare our soft pannier bags to our competitors you'll notice that most of the others on the market (no matter how much you spend) have sewn seams. A sewn seam doesn't keep the rain out whereas our motorcycle pannier dry bags will keep your gear dry, which is perfect for those who are commuting or going on a trip.

The inside rear wall of the soft panniers features an internal stiffener which helps the dry bags keep their shape. With a roll top design, simply roll the bag down 3 times and clip it closed. This will close the bag and it will handle the heaviest of rain and even brief immersions.

Our soft panniers have carry handles and can be separated using the Velcro strap system. This allows you to easily detach the bags from the pannier rack and carry them with you if leaving the bike.

There are D-rings and adjustable straps towards the bottom of the waterproof bike pannier bags which help you attach the bags to the bottom of the bike's pannier rack. This gives the bag a great secure hold against the bike.

These motorcycles panniers give peace of mind that if the weather changes, your gear is safe from rain. We also wanted to make them easy to use so the adjustable attachment straps make them easy to fit and take off when you reach your destination.

After the success of these Dry Bag Motorcycle Panniers, we developed and released a pair of waterproof Crash Bar Dry Bags. As these bags are both styled in black and made from the same durable PVC tarpaulin, they’ll look great as a set when both used on your motorbike.

Dimensions (per side):
43cm x 30cm x 25cm
Capacity: 30 Litres

Total Capacity: 60 Litres (per pair)

Our panniers were designed to fit as broad a range of bikes and racks as possible. Unfortunately we can't offer advice on which specific bike and rack combinations will work. For these reasons we ask you to review the video and use your best judgement to see if they will be suitable for your bike. We do recommend that they are used with a pannier rack however if you choose to use them without, you should ensure that they can be mounted safely and securely without one on your specific bike setup.

It is also worth noting that as with all of our products, if you buy them, look at them at home and decide they are not suitable for your bike, then they can be returned (unused within 30 days) for a refund (Terms and conditions apply).

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