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Cycling Toe Covers - Neoprene

Cycling Toe Covers - Neoprene
Cycling Neoprene Toe Covers - Main View Close UpCycling Neoprene Toe Covers - Main ViewCycling Neoprene Toe Covers - Top ViewCycling Neoprene Toe Covers - Bottom View SPD PedalsCycling Neoprene Toe Covers - Bike Pedal Demonstration
Cycling Neoprene Toe Covers - SPD Pedals Attachment

A pair of neoprene Cycling Toe Covers. These covers will help keep your toes warm while cycling in cold weather.

They have a cut out on the bottom to let your SPD type pedals attach.

Kevlar reinforced sole for durability.

Popular for road cycling, mountain biking or triathlon training.

Price:9.98 (Including VAT at 20%)

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