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Lomo Marine Retro Reflective Tape 1 Metre x 50mm

Lomo Marine Retro Reflective Tape 1 Metre x 50mm
50mm Retro Reflective Tape - Roll View50mm Retro Reflective Tape - Marine Grade50mm Retro Reflective Tape - Reflects Light Back50mm Retro Reflective Tape - Lit By Torchlight

Marine grade retro reflective tape suitable for a variety of purposes. This tape reflects back light from a torch for example in dark conditions making it much easier to see.

This tape has a strong self-adhesive backing and is great for sticking to kayaks canoes, boats or other hard items.

Sold by the Metre.

The tape is 50mm wide.

SOLAS INFORMATION: This product does not carry the expensive 'SOLAS APPROVAL' required for use in the manufacture of life jackets (For example). If you are not a manufacturer but are using tape for your own use then this tape performs to a similar level as approved tape but at a lower cost. We have not submitted the tape for approval because the costs of doing so are more than we could ever recoup through selling the product. We believe the product would pass the tests if it were economically viable to do so.

Price:2.99 (Including VAT at 20%)

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