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Forestry and Outdoor Workers First Aid Kit

Forestry and Outdoor Workers First Aid Kit
Forestry and Outdoor Workers First Aid Kit - Main ViewForestry and Outdoor Workers First Aid Kit - Contents Overview

These first aid kit packs have been designed to include a lot of really useful first aid items that should prove invaluable to forestry workers and other professionals that work in the outdoors.

The kit comes in one of our 5L First Aid Dry Bags which keeps its contents dry from rain, perfect for use in wet conditions. Inside we included items which will help in a range of different emergency situations.

1x Trauma Shears
1x C.A.T Gen Tournique (colour may vary)
1x Foil Survival Bag
1x Plastic Whistle
1x Survival Bivi Bag
2x Israeli Bandage - 6 inch
2x CELOX 15g Sachet

Also included is 1x Lomo Personal First Aid Kit Refill Pack which has the following contents:

1 x 3L Lightweight dry bag
1 x Inner polythene liner bag
1 x First aid guide leaflet
1 x Conforming bandage, 5cm x 4m
1 x 3.5g Burn gel sachet
6 x Wound saline cleansing wipes, alcohol free
1 x Adhesive dressing pad, 7.5cm x 7.5cm
1 x Low adherent dressing pad, 5cm x 5cm
1 x Pair of gloves, powder free Vinyl
1 x Blister plaster
1 x Triangular bandage, 90cm x 127cm
1 x Roll of microporous Tape, 1.25cm x 1m
10 x Washproof plasters (Low allergy, latex free)
1 x Strip plaster 11cm x 6cm
1 x Pack of 5 Relistrips , self adhesive stitches
1 x Compact Scissor Shears
1 x Tweezers
1 x Whistle (colour may vary)

Please note that this kit includes specialist items such as CELOX and a touriquet which should only be used is you have had the relevant training in their use.

Price:108.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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