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15L Dry Bike \ Motorbike Tail Bag

15L Dry Bike \ Motorbike Tail Bag
15L Pannier Tail Dry Bag -  Main View15L Pannier Tail Dry Bag - Front View15L Pannier Tail Dry Bag - Side View15L Pannier Tail Dry Bag - On Bike Pannier Rack15L Pannier Tail Dry Bag - Velcro Attachment Straps
15L Pannier Tail Dry Bag - Reflective Details15L Pannier Tail Dry Bag - Dimensions15L Pannier Tail Dry Bag - Porteur Rack Bag

Our Dry Bike Tail Bag is made from durable and waterproof PVC material and features multiple attachment points for strapping the bag to the tail of a bike pannier, porteur rack or motorbike rack.

With a capacity of approx 15L, the main compartment of the Tail Bag has a zip and roll top closure to ensure your gear is kept dry whilst riding in the worst of conditions.

There is a small splashproof compartment for storing damp items, like gloves, or items that don't need to be kept dry. This means you don't have to put wet items in the same section as your dry items.

These bags are very popular for bikepacking, mountain biking and motorcycling. They feature multiple attachment points, straps, D-rings and clips, which allow the user to securely fasten these bags to their bike, regardless of the shape of the tail rack or porteur rack.

It also has RF-welded seams, which provide a strong, watertight seal that will protect your equipment from driving rain.

We designed the bag in yellow to be visible in darker conditions, so it's ideal for commuters.

Durable PVC material
Zip and roll-top closure
2 Compartments: 1 Main Dry Section / 1 Semi-Dry Pocket
Multiple attachment points
Shoulder Carry Strap
RF-Welded Seams

42cm long
25cm wide
25cm tall (closed)
Weight: 730 grams

Price:36.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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