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C.A.T GEN 7 Combat Tourniquet - Black

C.A.T GEN 7 Combat Tourniquet - Black
CAT GEN 7 Combat Tourniquet Black - Main ViewCAT GEN 7 Combat Tourniquet Black - Sealed Packet ViewCAT GEN 7 Combat Tourniquet Black - C.A.T. Branding View

This type of tourniquet is often used by the military in emergency situations to reduce severe blood loss from a limb.

As with many medical devices, a tourniquet should only be used by someone who has received appropriate training as misuse can lead to harm.

The Gen 7 tourniquet is lightweight and can be operated with one hand.

Single Routing Buckle
Decreases blood loss, effective slack removal, fewer windlass turns, simplified training with single protocol application standards.

Windlass Rod
Increased diameter, enhanced strength, aggressive ribbing improves grip.

Windlass Clip
Bilateral beveled entry, rapid windless lock, bilaterlay buttress, added strength.

Windlass Strap
New reinforced strap, gray color for tactical considerations (black only).

Stabilisation Plate
Reinforced, beveled contact bar, improved comfort.

Free-moving Internal Band
Patended band within band, truly even distribution of circumfrential pressure.

Price:25.14 (Including VAT at 20%)


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