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Blaze Expedition Holdall - Orange 60L

Blaze Expedition Holdall - Orange 60L
60L Blaze Expedition Backpack Holdall - Main View60L Blaze Expedition Backpack Holdall - Front View60L Blaze Expedition Backpack Holdall - Side View60L Blaze Expedition Backpack Holdall - Carry Handles and Rucksack Straps60L Blaze Expedition Backpack Holdall - Holding Using Holdall Carry Handles
60L Blaze Expedition Backpack Holdall - As Backpack Using Rucksack Straps60L Blaze Expedition Backpack Holdall - Dimensions

Our expedition duffle bags make it easy to carry large amounts of gear around with relative ease. When compared to similar expedition bags, ours have one major difference. Our seams are watertight!

If you look at most other bags in this sector, no matter how much you've paid for them, you'll notice that the seams are sewn together with a low cost overlock stitch. This method of seam construction leaks like a sieve and wont keep much water out at all. We've used welded seams to prevent water coming through the seams.

This bag is really versatile and you can carry it either like a holdall, or a rucksack. It's made from durable PVC tarpaulin and features an internal zipped net pocket to help separate gear inside. It also features 4 webbing loop rows to help you tie it down if you want to use it on your motorbike etc.

So just how dry is this bag? Well it's not quite as dry as our roll down top dry holdalls (seen in our drybags section) that can cope with brief, total immersions. With this bag we've decided to make a really wide zip opening at the top to give easy access to your gear. The only problem with zips is that unless we use an expensive dryzip (which would make the price of the bag more like £100) then zips are really only splash proof.

All of the similar competitor bags, that we have seen, also use splashproof zips rather than dryzips (even the expensive ones). What we have achieved though is dry seams which makes this bag much drier than its competitors, so water wont come through the seams of this bag but some may come through the zip if its completely immersed or if a persistent stream of water is poured over it.

If its raining and the bag is flat on the ground then the zip flap should allow the water to flow past the zip keeping the contents dry. If used in rucksack mode, persistent rain may make its way through the zip closure.

People frequently use this type of bag to take their gear on skiing holidays. They leave them down on the slushy wet road and the water comes up through the seams. Not with this bag!

64cm long
34cm diameter
34cm tall

Features include:
Tough PVC tarpaulin material
RF welded seams
Durable jumbo splashproof zip
Internal mesh pocket
Webbing tie down loops
Holdall handles
Rucksack straps
60L Capacity

Price:39.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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