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Retroreflective LOMO 'Roadsign' Stickers - Pair

Retroreflective LOMO 'Roadsign' Stickers  - Pair
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These highly reflective stickers have a great story behind them. They are made from the waste material generated in the manufacture of road signs. Material that would normally end up in land fill has been taken, printed on and turned into our logo stickers.

Even more interesting is who makes them for us. 'Scotland's Bravest Manufacturing Company' ( Visit website here ) are a veteran's charity and a division of Royal British Legion Industries. They work with ex forces veterans who may be learning to live with an injury or disability or may need support adapting to civilian life. The company, which is a social enterprise, helps veterans to retrain and acquire new skills to help forge a new career in manufacturing, sign making or associated skillsets. They make top class products and at the same time help reintegrate some of the men and women of our armed forces who have dedicated their lives to keeping us all safe!

In addition to what we pay Scotland's Bravest Manufacturing Company to make these for us, 20p from the sale of each pair of labels will be donated by us to the Charity.

From using road sign material we also have the benefit of using material whose reflectivity is approved for use in the highly regulated field of road signage and safety. It 'light's up' when light is shone upon it and reflects it back in the direction of the light source to help make you more seen to anyone with a torch or headlight etc.

The adhesives used in road sings are also excellent in surviving the elements and are designed for many years of outdoor use.

These stickers are supplied in pairs and come in 3 colours and will look great on your kayak, bike, boat or whatever else you may have.

Size : 165mm x 51mm

Price:1.50 (Including VAT at 20%)

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