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The thickness of a wetsuit will directly affect how warm it is. A 5mm suit will be warmer than a 3mm wetsuit and more suited to months when the water is colder.

In order for a wetsuit to work well it should be a tight fit as it needs to trap a layer of water between the material and your skin. If the wetsuit it too loose a fit it may well be more comfortable when you are out of the water but it will not keep you warm.

We have a full range of amazing value summer and winter neoprene wetsuits, made using high quality neoprene and the latest manufacturing techniques. Our expertise in making wetsuits and watersports accessories along with out direct sales approach means that we offer great value for money along with great customer service.

If you are kayaking, surfing, sailing, open water swimming or taking part in a triathlon then we have the perfect wetsuit for you at some of the best prices in the UK.

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