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3mm Wetsuit Booties

3mm Wetsuit Booties

Our 3mm neoprene wetsuit booties are great for general watersports. They feature a moulded rubber sole plus a reinforced toe and heel so they are durable and comfortable, both in and out the water.

The booties are perfect for walking to and from the water if you have to traverse over stones. They are easy to get on and off with a low cut design and the flexible 3mm neoprene gives the user extra comfort.

These neoprene shoes are also popular for wearing with some fins to stop with fins buckles or straps from rubbing on a bare foot.

The wetsuit booties represent great value for money and compare in quality and performance to products that can cost over twice the price.


3mm Neoprene wetsuit booties
Moulded rubber sole
Reinforced toe and heel

Price: 13.50 (Including VAT at 20%)


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