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Lomo Extendable Bivi / Basha Pole - Medium 55-91cm

Lomo Extendable Bivi / Basha Pole - Medium 55-91cm

Our extendable bivi / basha pole adjusts by twisting the smaller section of pole loose, then pull it out to your desired length and tighten it again to lock it in position.

This is a great accessory to have when shelter making as it saves time looking for the right sized branches and it is lightweight, durable and telescopic so it is easy to pack up and carry along with your other bushcraft gear.

These twist lock aluminium basha poles are much lighter than most of the steel poles on the market and we find the twist lock mechanism, as found on walking poles, is more reliable and easier to use than the cheaper thumb screw mechanism found on most other low cost poles.

The length of the poles as stated is the total length including the spike at the top and the foot at the bottom.

Price: 6.98 (Including VAT at 20%)

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