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Extra Long Dry Bags - Black with Window

Extra Long Dry Bags - Black with Window

These long dry bags were originally made for an expedition to the Arctic which required the participants to carry a rifle as the risk of polar bear attack was high. Since then, many other customers have asked us to make them for a variety of uses other than the carrying of a gun. They are based on the 12L dry bag and are essentially a very long version of this. They feature a tough outer shell and a generous inspection window so you can see the whereabouts of the contents.

The bag is constructed using RF welding technology to ensure high quality watertight seams and gives a better seal than some other methods.

The long dry bags are ideal for guns, tents, tripods or other long items.

Dimensions 18CM diameter x 118CM tall

Price: 13.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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