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5L First Aid Dry Bag

5L First Aid Dry Bag

The drybags are intended to keep your first aid kit dry. It is aimed at a group sized first aid kit so is ideal for organised parties like the Scouts or Cadets to use. It does not contain any first kit items itself but is for you to either keep an existing kit dry or to fill with your own contents. It is larger than you would probably require for a personal first aid kit and has a handy viewing strip down one side to help locate the contents.

Our lightweight dry bags feature RF welded seams, not taped seams like some other lightweight bags. Our tests have shown RF welded seams to be more watertight than many other types of seam. This should help to keep your gear nice and dry.

The 5L size is ideal for fitting into hatches on kayaks, rucksacks or other small spaces.

5L Capacity when closed.

Dimensions 18CM diameter x 29 CM tall
Weighs: 170g

Popular with general outdoors users as well as for kayak and sailing use.

No first aid kit items are included with this bag.

Price: 5.99 (Including VAT at 20%)

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