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Bike Handle Bar Mount for Phone or Map

Bike Handle Bar Mount for Phone or Map

Our bike handle bar mounts are ideal for keeping a phone, map or phablet clean and dry when cycling in bad weather.

Made from durable TPU material, the mount has a dry roll top closure with velcro tabs for ease of use. The transparent viewing panel window allows users are able to work most devices, while inside the mount. This is perfect if using cycling or GPS apps on your phone.

These mounts are very popular for bikepacking and mountain biking.

Once the attachment clip has been mounted to the handle bars, you can easily dock and undock the bag section if you need better access to your device. This means you can leave the mount on your bike and only take the bag with you.

The case should fit phones or phablets with up to 5.5" screens (diagonally) and 6.5" (diagonally) bodies.

Product Dimensions:
Length: 19cm (closed)
Width: 11.5cm

Maximum Phone Size:
7" / 17cm (diagonally)
Length: 13cm
Width: 9.5cm

Price: 15.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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