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Dry Boxes

Drybox 7

Drybox 7

Price:8.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

Dry Box Types

Dry boxes are designed to keep your gear dry and offer some bump protection at the same time. Our range includes box and cylinder shaped boxes and some offer internal padding as standard.

Our oblong shaped dry boxes use a study clip system and the hinge that runs along the back of the drybox to put pressure on the rubber O-ring to create a great watertight seal.

Dry Box Materials

Our dry boxes are made from a range of tough plastics including durable ABS. Our dryboxes will keep the contents free from splashes and they are also buoyant in most situations. This is ideal if they are accidentally dropped into the water when kayaking, canoeing or sailing.

Most of our dry boxes can have a padlock threaded through the closing should you wish to lock the dry box and they also feature a sturdy grab handle.

Wide Range Of Uses

Our dry boxes are useful in many different situation and can be used to protect phones, keys, cameras, first aid kits etc from splashes.

In rough conditions where immersion is likely we recommend putting delicate items inside a small drybag before putting it inside the box incase an impact should crack the box.

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