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Triathletes World Wetsuit

Triathlon Wetsuit – Triathletes World

At just £99, Lomo’s triathlon wetsuit is by far the cheapest suit we tested.
Yes, its basic, but if you’ve reviewed your priorities and decided you want
a budget-level suit that will help you through your first season of open-
water triathlons, this suit certainly fits the bill. It won’t win any prizes
for its looks and it fits well and doesn’t pinch or chafe. It’s also
relatively easy to get off, which is not always the case with cheaper

The Lomo has cutaway sections at the calves, along with other
design features you might not expect in a sub-£100 suit: a long zip to help
you get the suit off; 5mm neoprene in the chest and back for warmth; and
stretchy panels under the arms for flexibility. This wetsuit wouldn’t be our
first choice unless budget was a real issue, but in these economically
challenging times, perhaps change from £100 is just what your looking for.
If so, buy the Lomo and a £1 on an energy bar for the drive home. We don’t
think you’ll be disappointed.

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