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2mm Neoprene Vest – Sport Diver Magazine

Glasgow based Lomo Watersport has added a new product to its range – a 2mm neoprene vest designed to boost warmth levels of any wetsuit.

The vest, made of stretchy 2mm neoprene with flatlock stitching to remove uncomfortable seams, can be worn under your existing wetsuit, whatever its thickness and gives additional insulation around the most important part of your anatomy – your chest area.

I took the Lomo Watersport vest on my recent trip to Egypt for Camel Dive Club’s 20th anniversary celebrations as the Red Sea in December can be a little on the cold side, particularly when you get out of the water and hit that wind shill! I put the vest on under my 4/5mm Ralf Tech Storm Power semi-drysuit and the two together kept me as warm as toast on multiple hour-long dives. I tried one dive without the vest and the difference was noticeable – it may only be 2mm thick but as it fits tightly around your core, it does add additional warmth where you need it most. Best of all, its light weight means it takes up no room in your bag and it dries very quickly between dives.

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