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Nitro Diving Mask – Sport Diver Magazine – Comparison

Sport Diver magazine did a comparative test of masks below £30. They compared masks from major manufacturers. Our mask won the comparison test and was given a BEST BUY award.
This is what they said…

Mark: Excellent peripheral and downward fields of view. Solid build quality, and comfortable silicone skirt. Absolutely bargain at this price. Decent strap system.

Reece: This mask offers a decent fit, and lets in plenty of light. it offers 20-30 percent better field of vision than some of the others in the test. Downward view is particularly good. Quite a large-volume of water in the mask, but still easy to clear.

Sports Diver Verdict:
Performance – 4 out 5 stars
Comfort – 4 out 5 stars
Looks – 4 out 5 stars
Value For Money – 5 out 5 stars

The Beaver Avenger, Beuchat Voyager and Lomo Nitro went head-to-head for the title of Best Value, but the Nitro emerged as a clear winner. The Voyager and Avenger are decent budget masks, but the Lomo is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. The build quality belies the price tag, and to look at it, you would expect it to retail for at least the mid-£30 mark. It probably would, too, if it wasn’t only available direct from Lomo. This mark faired well in our Long Term Test stable, and it shone again here too.

For the choice award, it was between the Oceana Yellow and Sherwood Oracle. Both had a very similar design, but the superior clip and strap system on the Oracle just saw it nudge ahead of the Oceana. A quality mask for a budget price.

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