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Nitro Diving Mask Review

Nitro Diving Mask – Sport Diver Magazine

Our Nitro mask was included in Sport Diver Magazine’s long term test where they use things for a long period of time to test how they perform. In the final week of the test they said this about the mask.

I received this mask from Dave Hope, who had taken it with him on his
recent trip to ST Kitts, and was immediately struck by the quality of the construction.
It might only cost £17, but believe me when i tell you that you wouldn’t bat an eyelid if i said it was worth over £35. Yes, it is that good. And you even get a plastic box, which is worth a fiver on its own!
I am not really a fan of the teardrop-shaped masks that are all the rage these days, and like my old-school twin lens mask, but having said that, the Nitro is extremely comfortable, and i wish i’d taken it with me on my CCR course, as i’d have been able to see the head’s up display on the mouthpiece!.

Mark Evans, Sports Diver Magazine

Number Of Dives – 32
Time in the Water – 29 Hrs 30 Min

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