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Raptor Fin – Sport Diver Magazine

Our Raptor Diving Fin was review in Sport Diver Magazine where is was awarded their BEST VALUE award.

This is what their 3 testers said:-

Mark: Absolute bargain. Big fin for little money. The design is a combination of a split fin and a paddle fin, with rigid sides and a soft middle section. Good performance with a normal fin stroke and a frog kick. Back kicks are possible, but quite awkward because of their sheer sizes. Comfortable vented foot pocket.

Dave: Cracking fin at the price. Good return of power for your effort, and maneuverable as well, despite their size. Comfortable foot pocket, A real Bargain.

Will: Brute of a fin – like having cricket bats attached to my feet. However, while i personally found them a bit to long and ungainly, they did provide awesome power (as long as you have the legs for them), and are a good sturdy fin. At £25 quid, they’re a steal and would make for an excellent entry-level pair for a newly qualified diver.

Verdict: The majority of the fins here performed well, and all of the test team agreed that they would have no hesitation in taking on an assignment with them. It just showed what a good set of fins you can get for under £50.
When it came to the best value award, it was a battle between the Lomo Raptor and the Typhoon Pro II. Both fins are large paddle fins and give an all-round decent performance. Both come with mesh fin bags as well. However, in the end, the £15 saving between the raptor and the pro II swung the odds in favour of the Lomo, which is a cracking fin for just £25.
There were a few more contenders in the choice category. The Beuchat X-Jet, Oceanic Viper and Scubapro Jet Sport all gave some great performances, and were in a similar price bracket. However, in the end, the Scubapro just edged out the competition by gaining the backing of all three testers for its looks, performance and comfort.

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