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Yellow Neoprene Gloves Review

Yellow Diving Gloves – Scottish Diver Magazine

Mark at Lomo Watersport was keen to get me to try this new range of gloves and I have tested them thoroughly in recent weeks. There slight difference to these gloves which as far as I know no other manufacturer provides. They are made from comfortable neoprene and are 5mm thick – Great for Scottish diving. They have a simple elasticated velcro wrist closure that does not get twisted or caught in a buckle – which is great.

The seams are glued and stitched and these held up well after some really rough diving with only a couple of stray threads appearing. The palms of the gloves are covered in an area if hoenycomb shaped grips.

So you may be saying what is so different about these Lomo gloves? Well these gloves are made out of high Vis Yellow neoprene. The intention is to improve the visibility of underwater signalling between divers. This is certainly the case. Another bonus is found on the surface as boat skippers confirmed they could see the gloves over half a mile away. So in respect of this they score top marks.

I showed the gloves to divers on a couple of boat dives and the general view was they were very comfortable. They may or may not be of interest to the all black kit technical crowd but i think their benefits should not be overlooked.

I was however on a boat with an extremely fashion consious ex-BDO of a ScotSAC club – for arguments sake lets call him Nig*1 to protect his full identity. He came out with a super quote ‘what about colour coordination’ LOL as he donned his PINK fins. It was a great gag, well delivered.

So will we soon see divers wearing yellow gloves, well I personally think it makes sense, especially for remote or tidal diving, never mind the murkier waters of the UK.
The gloves cost half the price of a normal set retailing from Lomo Watersports at a very reasonable £12.50.

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