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Lomo Dry Cag Review

Evolution Drycag – Paddles Magazine

When I was told how much this drycag sells for I thought there must have been a mistake; at only £87 the Lomo Evolution Drycag is an absolute bargain and performance-wise comfortably holds its own against its more expensive rivals. The Evolution is available in both yellow and grey, the grey version is a direct response from Lomo whose customers had been asking for something a little less bright. the new grey and black version has a minimal design which looks good. The reflective piping is a nice subtle addition along the sleeves. well subtle until you shine a light on it in the dark anyway. The material is 3ply and breathable. It’s quite a stiff strong feeling fabric and feels similar to that of the Yak Celsius. It fits generously for its size and feels comfortable when on. It proved to be dry and warm in all the situations we threw it and ourselves into. The inner waist is long and thin and tightened by a drawcord. The outer waist is tightened by pulling two large D shaped velcro tabs around the sides towards the front of the cag. The outer waist is rubber coated on the whole of the inside, helping it grip a spraydeck tube beneath very well.

The wrist seals tighten with velcro, leaving the sleeves of the cag overlapping the latex cuffs well. There’s a good tab for easy release. The neck is treated in a similar way, with a latex seal being protected by an outer collar that is tightened at the front. The outer neck isn’t very tall but it can get in the way a bit and get under your chin; this can be remedied easily enough by easy adjustment.

Performance – 4 Stars
Style – 3 Stars
Value – 5 Stars
Overall – 4 Stars

Best Value Cag:- A Category where at last we all agreed – the clear winner, The Lomo Evolution; a top which outperforms many drycags that cost a hell of a lot more.

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