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Aqua Boot – Paddles Magazine

These boots were originally designed for diving but have proved to be particularly popular with sea kayakers. I could not believe the quality of these boots at this price. They are made of 5mm Neoprene with a zip that (unlike some more expensive competitors) has a 3mm gusset behind. The sole is thick and these boots are still comfortable when carrying boats down sharp shingle beaches. There is also good foot and ankle support for uneven ground. The open cleats on the sole provide security on soft slippery surfaces but do not hold grit (which some other soles can carry into your boat). Overall these are excellent boots for carrying heavy boats up and down a variety of surfaces on shoes and foreshores. These boots were very warm even when we had to break the ice at the edge of a sea loch. Size for size, they are a good bit bigger than some other boots on the market but my size 10 feet and boots fitted in even small sea kayaks. The zip makes pulling the boots on and off much easier than zipper-less ankle boots. the gusset behind the zip stops sand and grit from entering the boot and abrading your bare tootsies or your Goretex or latex booties. The boot was also high enough to protect the latter from the sun. There were no problems swimming. Even before taking price into consideration, these are some of the best boots on the market. Not only that, they have now outlasted a pair of boots which were twice the price. The Lomo Aqua boot is a fantastic boot at a phenomenal price.

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