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Emergency Storm Shelter. 2-3 Man Bothy Bag

Emergency Storm Shelter. 2-3 Man Bothy Bag
Emergency Storm Shelter - Main ViewEmergency Storm Shelter - Stuff Pouch DimensionsEmergency Storm Shelter - In Use DimensionsEmergency Storm Shelter - Mountain Storm UseEmergency Storm Shelter - Hillwalking Use
Emergency Storm Shelter - The Great Outdoors Best Buy AwardEmergency Storm Shelter - Mountain Bike Rider MBR 10 Reviewed

Our emergency storm shelter is used to provide some protection from the wind and rain when you are in the outdoors, without a tent, and have to take shelter that you might not have planned to.

It's lightweight, easy to carry and can be pulled over 2-3 people to help keep the elements off them in an emergency.

The shelter is made from high visibility orange nylon material and has 2 large retro reflective patches on the front to help reflect the torch light from a search party or helicopter searchlight.

A viewing window is also included to let the occupants see out whilst keeping sheltered and 2 air-vent snorkels aid ventilation. These can be adjusted or closed in heavy winds and rain.

2 people can sit inside the shelter and have enough room to face each other and still have an area in the middle to eat. 3 people in the shelter is a bit more crowded.

This type of emergency shelter is now commonly used in hill walking, mountain biking and kayaking as well as other outdoor sports.

The shelter comes in a handy pouch.

Pouch Size (when folded away)
Width 21cm
Diameter 10cm

Weight 360 grams

Size (when erected)
Width 1.3m
Height 96cm
Depth 45cm

Our shelter was awarded 'Best Buy' by leading outdoors magazine 'The Great Outdoors' in a comparative test against similar products.

This type of shelter is sometimes referred to as a 'Bothy Bag"

Price:18.50 (Including VAT at 20%)

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