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Whitewater Raft - RA425R

Whitewater Raft - RA425R
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This whitewater raft is a professional item for use by activity providers and trained organisations who provide whitewater rafting trips and courses. They are made of high quality PVC and feature welded seams which are tough and durable. The raft is designed to take the rigours of frequent rafting trips and has several areas of extra reinforcement to help this.

The raft is made from tough, abrasion resistant PVC and features welded seam construction. Around the perimeter of the raft is a thick rub strake to give a significant amount of extra abrasion and puncture resistance at the widest part of the boat. This is the area most likely to crash into a rock whilst hurtling down a river.

The raft has an inflatable 'I Beam' floor and has 3 inflatable thwarts that are glued in place through stitched PVC panels.

6 Strong carry handles are positioned around the raft to make carrying easy and 4 people can carry the raft with ease.

The inflatable floor features an over pressure valve which will release pressure should a critical pressure be reached (Prolonged periods in the sun can cause pressure to increase inside the chambers).

The raft has industry standard inflation valves with screw in covers and the raft can be inflated with most foot pumps that have a suitable attachment.

The raft has a strong perimeter grab cord to help with man overboard recovery and this line is held in place with strong stainless steel D Rings. The cord stretches around the entire craft.

The D rings are held in place with oversize PVC panels attached strongly to the main tubes of the raft.

The raft has a self bailing design which means that any water that enters the boat over the top of the inflatable tubes will be drained away through the drain holes at the side of the inflatable floor.

Self bailing floors are standard in whitewater rafts as it is normal to get a significant amount of water spraying over the tubes in rough conditions.

Raft Specifications:
Length: 4.25M
Width: 1.9M
Capacity: 9 Persons (8 + Guide)
Handles: 6
Thwarts: 3
Self Bailing: Yes
Grab line: Yes
Floor Type: I Beam
Air Chambers: 4 Main chambers + 3 Thwarts + Floor
Rub Strake: Yes, around entire perimeter
D Rings : Stainless Steel

The raft is CE approved and conforms to the recreational craft directive.

Price:1,980.00 (Including VAT at 20%)


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