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Smoothskin Neoprene Swimming Cap - Black

Smoothskin Neoprene Swimming Cap - Black
Smoothskin Neoprene Swimming Cap - Main ViewSmoothskin Neoprene Swimming Cap - Single Lined Smoothskin Neoprene Smoothskin Neoprene Swimming Cap - Triathlon Swim Training CapSmoothskin Neoprene Swimming Cap - Open Water Swimming CapSmoothskin Neoprene Swimming Cap - Warm Swimming Cap

This stretchy and comfortable swimming cap is made using high quality smooth skin neoprene, the same type of material that most triathlon and open water swimming wetsuits are made from.

These swimming caps are ideal for keeping your head warm when swimming in colder conditions. They are designed to help cover the top of your head and your ears which helps when swimming in cold water.

We used a velcro chin strap so you can adjust the fitting of the swimming cap. This means you can swim without worrying that it will come off and the cap will move with your head.

This style of swimming cap is very popular with our open water swimming customers and the colour / design should match our other Swmiming & Triathlon Accessories like our swimming socks, neoprene vests, buoyancy shorts, etc.

If you have a brightly coloured silicone cap then this swimming cap could be worn under the silicone swimming cap for extra warmth on cold days and to help increase your visibility.

The size chart below is followed by measuring around your head, just above the eyebrows.

S 21-21.5 54-55
M 22-22.5 56-57
L 22.5-23.5 58-59
XL 23.5-24 60-61

Price:16.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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