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Mesh Gear / Dive Bag

Mesh Gear / Dive Bag
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Our mesh dive gear bag is not only rugged, but it is also designed with sports enthusiasts in mind. The heavy duty PVC mesh and nylon support webbing mean the bag is tough and durable.

The duffle bag shape has 2 strong carry handles and can accomodate a large amount of equipment including even the largest pair of diving fins.

The great thing about mesh bags is that you can fold it up and stow it in your main travel bag and when you arrive in your holiday destination you can transfer you gearinto this lightweight easy to carry bag.

Once you finish your day of diving just put the entire bag into the wash tank on the dock or at the shop and everything gets cleaned and will air dry quicker than in a solid walled nylon bag.

They are ideal as a dive bag or for many other watersports.

Fast drying mesh design
Great for rinsing gear and air drying
Heavy duty PVC mesh material

Width 79cm x 40cm Diameter

Price:15.50 (Including VAT at 20%)

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