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Kayak Gloves - Neoprene \ Amara

Kayak Gloves - Neoprene \ Amara
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These lightweight 2mm neoprene gloves are great for kayaking where you want the warmth of a neoprene glove but a standard 3mm glove is too thick.

Kayakers, sailors and windsurfers like this glove as it gives a good feel on a shaft.

Made from neoprene with an Amara reinforced palm, the gloves are comfortable for paddling whilst helping to keep you warm.

The Amara palm is great for pulling in rescue lines as it is very abrasion resistant whilst being thin and warm. No more painful hands on a thin rope in the freezing cold!

To decide which size of glove you should order simply measure around the palm of your hand around the knuckles. Then refer to the chart below.

XXXS 5.5-6 14-15
XXS 6-6.5 15-16.5
XS 6.5-7 16.5-18
S 7-8 18-20
M 8-9 20-23
L 9-10 23-25.5
XL 10-11 25.5-28
XXL 11-12 28-30

Price:11.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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