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LED Outdoor Light Pack 2

LED Outdoor Light Pack 2
LED Light Pack 2 - Main ViewLED Compact Camping Lantern - FeaturesPeak Spotlight LED Head Torch - Front ViewAluminium LED Flash Light - FeaturesLED Emergency Strobe Light  - Main View

RRP (if bought separately): 35.00
Pack Price: Only 25.00!

This Outdoor LED Light Pack 2 contains the following Lomo products:

1x Compact LED Camping Lantern
1x Peak LED Head Torch
1x Aluminium LED Torch
1x Emergency LED Strobe Light

Compact LED Camping Lantern - Features:
2 White Light Levels: White Full / 350 Lumens, White Medium
360 Degrees of Light
Red Flashing LED Mode
3x COB 2w LEDs
Durable Weatherproof Design
Suitable for Outdoor Use

Peak LED Head Torch - Features:
4 Light Settings: Full White (60 Lumens), Medium White, Full Red, Flashing Red
Spotlight Light Pattern
Adjustable Elastic Head Strap and Tilt Angle
Weatherproof Design
Suitable for Outdoor Use
Easy On and Comfortable

Aluminium LED Torch - Features:
200 Lumens Full Brightness
Tough and Durable Aluminium Body
Double O-Ring Seals
Rubber Cap Ends
Weather Resistant Design

Emergency LED Strobe Light - Features:
4 White LEDs / Can Be Seen Up To 2000m
60 Flashes Per Minute
Magnetic Switch For Watertightness
Buoyant / Floats If Dropped In Water
Adjustable Armband Strap And Lanyard
Max Depth: 80m - Suitable For Diving

Price:25.00 (Including VAT at 20%)


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