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Kayak Bilge Pump with Hose

Kayak Bilge Pump with Hose
Manual Bilge Pump With Hose - Main ViewManual Bilge Pump With Hose - DimensionsManual Bilge Pump With Hose - Comfortable Handle GripManual Bilge Pump With Hose - Easy To Use Pump ActionManual Bilge Pump With Hose - Hose Nozzle

Our Kayak Bilge Pumps are ideal for canoes, kayaks or any other environment where you need a manual bilge pump.

The pump is easily operated by hand and will pump water from your kayak quickly and efficiently.

This pump comes with a length of hose which makes is suitable for larger craft where the water needs to be ejected over a longer distance. This hose is not needed for most standard kayaks.

Bilge pumps are being increasingly carried by kayakers as an easy way to get water out of your boat after a capsize as many self rescue methods don't get all of the water out of the boat. Canoeists also like these pumps as rough weather or rain can easily start to fill the boat with water.

A manual bilge pump like this makes getting the water out really quite easy. The pumps work in both directions, moving water on both the push and pull stroke of the pump.

The bilge pump is a high visibility yellow colour to help it be seen if your drop it into the water or if you want to wave it around to help attract attention. We have fitted a float to the middle of the pump to make sure it stays afloat should you drop it over the side of your kayak.

Pump Length: 53 cm
Hose Length: 100 cm
Weighs: 570g

Uses: Kayaking, Canoeing, Dinghy Sailing

Price:13.99 (Including VAT at 20%)

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