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DB3 - Protective Case Dry Box with Cubed Foam

DB3 - Protective Case Dry Box with Cubed Foam
Dry Box 3 ABS Protection Carry Case - Main ViewDry Box 3 ABS Protection Carry Case - External DimensionsDry Box 3 ABS Protection Carry Case - External Depth DimensionsDry Box 3 ABS Protection Carry Case - Box DimensionsDry Box 3 ABS Protection Carry Case - Internal Dimensions
Dry Box 3 ABS Protection Carry Case - Egg Box Foam Lid and Cubed Foam InsertsDry Box 3 ABS Protection Carry Case - Carry Strap In Use

Our tough dry boxes are made using hard wearing ABS plastic and are held closed by two strong front clips. This protective case has an o-ring seal to keep water and dust out. They are watertight in most situations so can cope with rain, spray, being dropped into the water and can even handle brief immersions.

These hard carry cases feature removable cubed foam inserts which make it easy to organise and protect your equipment. This is extremely useful when sorting your gear like a phone, gps, power bank, keys or a camera with multiple parts that you may want to separate for easy access and protect each piece individually.

The lid of the Dry Box 3 has egg box shaped foam for giving downward force and protection to your items inside. This foam panel in the lid and the cube foam sections are completely removable from the box for those who want the ability to take the foam out and have the flat ABS box walls instead.

These protective dry boxes should also have sufficient buoyancy to float with the contents inside, unless particularly heavy items are being carried. For the DB3 we recommend a maximum weight of 10.2kg (box and contents) to maintain buoyancy. Heavier weights can be carried in the dry box without issue but the box may not float when holding over the maximum buoyancy weight.

The Lomo DB3 dry box has a soft rubber carry handle and comes with a removable shoulder strap. There are padlock loop holes if you want to padlock the lid closed when travelling. There is also a pressure release valve that can be opened when the case is being taken on a plane and used at high altitude.

Tough ABS Plastic with Twin Closing Clips
Removable Foam Padding System
Shoulder Strap and Soft Rubber Carry Handle Grip
Strong Hinges and Padlock Loop
Air Balance Valve
Buoyancy: 10.2 kg (max recommended weight)
Operating temperature: -40 to +90 degrees Celcius
Material: ABS Plastic

External Measurements: 375mm x 272mm x 170mm
Internal Measurements: 340mm x 215mm x 155.5mm
Lid Depth: 26.5mm / Base Depth: 129mm
Empty Weight: 1.80 kg
Weight with foam: 2.09 kg

Price:45.00 (Including VAT at 20%)


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