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150L Monster Drybag - Black with Window

150L Monster Drybag - Black with Window
150L Monster Drybag - Main View150L Monster Drybag - Holdall Carry Shoulder Straps150L Monster Drybag - Dimensions150L Monster Drybag - Roll Top Closure150L Monster Drybag - Roll Top 2 / 3 Times To Close

The Monster Dry Bag is the largest in our dry bag collection and was originally developed for in-house use here at Lomo. We had such a huge interest from our customers that we have now made them available for sale.

These huge waterproof bags feature a tough outer shell and a generous inspection window so you can see the whereabouts of the contents without having to open the bag to the elements.

With a 150L capacity and watertight welded seams, our Monster Dry Bags are ideal for storing large amounts of possessions while moving house as it will keep contents dry and free from dust and dirt.

These holdall style bags are massive and we'd be surprised if they are not big enough for any occasion.

RF-welded seams.
Waterproof Material

150L Capacity when closed.
46cm Diameter
84cm Long
Weight: 955g

Price:29.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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