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Line Arrow - Luminous

Line Arrow - Luminous

Our Line Arrows are often used when caving. A Line Arrow is a clever device that allows you to mark a line with a direction of travel arrow. The arrows are also glow in the dark as they are made from luminous material, making them perfect for use in dark conditions.

Line Arrows are unidirectional markers that provide both a tactile and visual reference to indicate a direction of travel, or to point towards the closest exit. Two adjacent arrows facing away from each other mark a point in the cave where the diver is halfway between two exits.

Our diving and caving accessories are designed to compete with products that can cost over twice the price. When you compare their performance and quality of materials used to our competitors, we're sure you will see that they represent unbelievable value for money.

Price:1.02 (Including VAT at 20%)

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