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Stormoprene Single Part Contact Adhesive - 90g

Stormoprene Single Part Contact Adhesive - 90g
Stormoprene Contact Adhesive - Front ViewStormoprene Contact Adhesive - Back View

Stormoprene is a general-use adhesive that can be used for the replacement of latex seals on drysuits. It can also be used on many other materials, for example, leather, wood, PVC and Polyurethane.

This high-strength, quick-drying contact adhesive is widely used in the manufacturing and repair of footwear, waterproof and airtight items such as large inflatable boats (RIBS) and also felt wader soles.

If you are using Stormoprene for replacing latex seals we recommend that you roughen the latex rubber surface with an abrasive such as sand paper before using it as this will greatly improve the adhesion.

Great alternative to Evo-Stik 8000 or Bostik 2402.

Comes as a 90g tube.

Price:7.99 (Including VAT at 20%)


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