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Solid Foam Kayak Paddle Float

Solid Foam Kayak Paddle Float
Solid Foam Paddle Float - Main ViewSolid Foam Paddle Float - Top DimensionsSolid Foam Paddle Float - Depth DimensionsSolid Foam Paddle Float - Adjustable StrapsSolid Foam Paddle Float - Paddle Inserted
Solid Foam Paddle Float - In Use

Our Solid Foam Paddle Floats are made to fit round most kayak paddles.

They are designed to aid you in getting back into your kayak from being in the water by turning the paddle end into an outrigger.

The solid foam design means you don't need to stop and inflate your paddle float before use. Simply slide it over the end of the paddle, tighten the straps and it's ready for use.

Paddle floats are commonly carried in sea kayaks to help the user get back into the boat after a capsize.

Suitable for most kayak paddles
Solid block foam buoyancy
Durable outer material
Retro reflective stripes to help visibility in the dark
Adjustable straps

Price:20.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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