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SUP Carry Strap

SUP Carry Strap
SUP Carry StrapSUP Carry Strap - Easy to AttachSUP Carry Strap - Padded Shoulder StrapSUP Carry Strap - Strap DimensionsSUP Carry Strap - Adjustable to Fit
SUP Carry Strap - Packed Dimensions

This SUP Carry Strap is a great piece of kit which is designed to make transporting your SUP, surfboard or windsurfer much easier.

Made of strong Nylon webbing, the strap is durable but also lightweight which allows you to carry large, wide boards easily, without straining your hands or your arms.

The strap consists of two webbing loops joined by a shoulder strap and is really easy to use. Both loops are placed around the SUP, clipped closed and then tightened using the adjusters for a secure fit around your board.

The loops can be adjusted to fit boards of different widths and the shoulder strap can be adjusted to suit carriers of different heights. A paddled shoulder pad ensures that you can carry your board in comfort.

The SUP strap comes with a mesh carry bag.

Webbing width: 40mm
Max. loop length: 99cm
Max. shoulder strap length: 130cm
Pack size: 34cm x 16cm x 5cm

Price:8.99 (Including VAT at 20%)

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