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Neoprene Open Water Swimming Socks

Neoprene Open Water Swimming Socks
Neoprene Open Water Swimming SockNeoprene Open Water Swimming Sock - FeaturesNeoprene Open Water Swimming Sock - Side ViewNeoprene Open Water Swimming Sock - SoleNeoprene Open Water Swimming Sock - Rear View
Neoprene Open Water Swimming Sock - Gasket & LiningNeoprene Open Water Swimming Sock - Stretchy Neoprene

Our soft and stretchy Neoprene Open Water Swimming Socks are great for triathlon and open water swim training in the colder months.

These socks are comfortable to swim in and the glued, double-blind stitched seams have been liquid-seamed on the outside to help keep as much water out as possible.

Most neoprene socks let in a considerable amount of water when used for swimming and you often feel like you have large water bags attached to your feet. We decided to try and improve that situation by making a sock that keeps more of the water out by a combination of being tighter fitting, having better seams and having an ankle gasket. We think we've made what's probably the best swimming sock on the market at a price that compares to much lower spec socks.

Designed to be tight, like a 'second skin', the super-stretchy neoprene allows the socks to stretch over your foot. This helps to maintain a tight fit and, in conjunction with the ankle gasket, keeps water ingress down to a minimum. Once on, stretch the sole so that the seam in under the ankle bone. That way you get a good tight fit.

The socks also feature a LOMO embossed, super-stretchy sole for extra grip and a plush, thermal inner for extra warmth.

Perfect for use with our Swimming and Triathlon gloves.

Super stretchy 3mm neoprene
Glued & blind stitched seams
Additional liquid seams
Ankle gasket
Super stretchy soft sole
Plush lining

Sock SizeUK SizeEU Size
XS 1-2 33 - 34
Small 3-4 35 - 36
Medium 5-6 38 - 40
Large 7-8 41 - 42
XL 9-10 44-45
XXL 11-12 47-48

Price:21.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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