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Lomo Probe Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board ISUP 12'

Lomo Probe Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board ISUP 12'
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Lomo Inflatable SUP Board - Demonstration

Our inflatable 12ft Probe SUP is an impressive board, designed to cut through the water. Aimed at the touring market, it is longer and sleeker than 'All Round' boards so if you're planning on going slightly longer distances then this might be the board for you.

Double layer construction makes this board nice and stiff whilst giving a good level of durability.

The probe is aimed at the touring paddler rather than the beginner but is still suitable for a beginner if longer distances are your ultimate aim.

We used an EVA pad section on the deck surface which offers grip, stability and comfort. The rear of the SUP deck features the high pressure screw valve which makes inflating and deflating the SUP board really easy. At the back of the deck is also a D-ring for attaching a SUP leash to.

Our inflatable stand up paddle board comes as a kit with a high pressure manual pump and 3-piece paddle. We also include a carry case for transporting the SUP and the pump to and from the water. Plus, there is a valve removal key, spare material (if needed for repairs / maintenance) and a user manual included as well.

The construction of our SUP boards allows for an excellent amount of stiffness so they glide smoothly and have a balanced feel when paddling. This allows for a comfortable experience which is perfect for those learning how to SUP. Once you are confident on this board it will continue to be a great choice if you are looking to get more seriously into the hobby.

Towards the front of our all round SUP board you will find the tie down bungee loops. This will be suitable for attaching our SUP Deck Dry Bag for storing your essential items in while you are out on the water.

To see all of the SUP accessories we sell you can review the SUP Boards and Accessories Section.

Thickness: 6 inches/15 cm
Length & Width: 12ft x 30in , 365cm x 76cm x 15cm
Recommended Max Pressure: 15 psi
Board Type: Touring
Accessories: 3 piece paddle, Pump, Pressure Gauge, Repair Kit, Rucksack
Weight: 12.4kg
Max Weight: 150Kg
Construction: Double Layer Dropstitch PVC

Price:395.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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