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Type IIR 3 Ply Face Mask - PPE - Box of 50

Type IIR 3 Ply Face Mask - PPE - Box of 50
Type IIR Face maskType IIR Face Mask 50 packFace mask singleFace mask front viewType IIR corner view
Typhe IIR face mask side view

Type IIR Face Mask
3 Ply contruction
Water repellant outer surface.
Made in accordance with EN14683
Tested by a EU Approved test laboratory
Pack of 50

Type IIR face masks EN14683 are medical face masks made up of a 3 ply construction with an additional splash proof layer (sometimes referred to as 4 ply) that prevents large particles from reaching the patient or working surfaces. Type IIR Face masks include a splash resistant layer to protect against blood and other bodily fluids. Type IIR face masks are tested in the direction of exhalation (inside to outside) and take into account the efficiency of bacterial filtration.

There are a lot of type IIR masks on the market these days. Some good, and an awful lot are bad. We decided to source a product initially so we could provide our staff with them if it was required to help us safely get back to work. Along the way we were horrified to find so many illegal and non compliant masks on sale by big companies, some of them medical companies, and so we decidede to bring a product to the market that our customers could buy.

What does a sports equipment company know about medical masks I hear you ask? Well what we do know about is CE approvals, how to get products tested , how to check they were tested properly , and how to check that tests are genuine etc. Many years of dealing with life jackets, boats, ropes, eyewear and other products that require CE approvals have taught us how to properly check that products are genuine and conform to the genuine standards. In the search for a good quality approved mask we rejected over 30 suppliers whose documentation, test results, certification etc was not fully compliant.

Type IIR masks are effectively self certified by the manufacturer in line with EU regulation EN14683. this can make it harder to verify if a mask is compliant or not. We have made sure to only to use a manufacturer who had their results independantly verified by a European test house. Many of the products you will see online will be using fake certificates, no certificates or a wing a a prayer that they comply.

The Chinese authorities have also being clamping down on poor quality masks as they dont want the reputational damage to their country caused by supplying the world with faulty masks during the pandemic. They havent stopped these masks being made but it's becoming more difficult to export them abroad. There is now a whitelist of suppliers deemed reputable by the Chinese authorities to help cut down the number of poor quality products leaving the country.

So, our masks are made in China by a whitelisted manufacturer and their conformity independantly tested by a test organisation authorised by the European Eunion to do so. The certificates are fully checked and valid and available to trading standards for checking.

You might also be wondering if buying these masks is keeping lifesaving equipment from the NHS. The answer is no. We are registered with the NHS in Scotland and England as a supplier and they are free to buy our entire stock if they so wish. The factory we use to produce them is not running at full capacity and can supply many more than we are able to order so we are not eating into a finite resource.

There is currently no VAT on this product due to government COVID support. This is due to end in on 31 Oct 2020.

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