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High Viz Cycling Pack 1 - 30L Rucksack and Pannier

High Viz Cycling Pack 1 - 30L Rucksack and Pannier
High Visibility Cycling Dry Bag Pack 1 - Main ViewHigh Vis Waterproof Bike Pannier Bag - Front ViewHigh Vis Waterproof Bike Pannier Bag - Pannier Rail ClipsHigh Vis Waterproof Bike Pannier Bag - Light Reflective PanelsHigh Vis Waterproof Bike Pannier Bag - Bicycle Pannier Bag
30L High Viz Drybag - Reflective Panels30L High Viz Drybag - Chest and Waist Straps30L High Viz Drybag - High Visibility Cycling Backpack

RRP (if bought separately): 67.98
Pack Price: Only 57.00!

This high visibility cycling dry bag pack contains 1x 30L High Viz Rucksack and 1x Hi Vis Bike Pannier Dry Bag.

Both of these products are made from high visibility waterproof PVC material and feature RF welded seams that will keep your gear dry in heavy rain whilst also getting you seen, at the same time!

Our waterproof bike bags are aimed at cyclists that wish to be more easily seen by other road users as they are made from hi viz fluorescent yellow PVC material and have multiple retro reflective panels on the front and sides of the bag.

These reflecting panels reflect light back in the direction from which it originated. This means that car headlights are reflected back towards the driver and the bags appear to glow when gently illuminated.

Unlike many other cycling bags, our products do not require a separate cover to keep your gear dry. Instead, the entire bag is a dry bag and features a roll down closure with RF welded seams. These features make a watertight bag that will protect its contents from driving rain, even when moving at speed.

Hi Vis Bike Panner Dry Bag

The bike pannier features the Rixen and Kaul Twist Hook system to keep the pannier attached to your bike rack. This hook system is suitable for pannier rails up to 12mm in diameter. You should not try to fit it to racks larger / thicker than this.

Pannier Dimensions
Height 46cm (Closed), Width 32cm (At top) / Width 24cm (At bottom), Depth 16cm

Pannier Capacity
17L (approx) / Pannier Weighs: 815g

30L Hi Viz Rucksack

The 30L High Visibility Rucksack is ideal for cycling commuters that wish to be more easily seen by other road users while safe in the knowledge their gear will be dry shuold the weather turn.

The bag features a comfortable carrying system with padded shoulder straps, a waist belt and a chest strap. There are retro reflective strips on the fronts of the shoulder straps to improve visibility from the front while wearing the bag.

Dimensions of 30L High Vis Rucksack
Height (Open) 70cm / Height (Closed) 54cm, Width 29cm, Depth 24cm
Weighs: 815g

This is a great value pack containing 1x 30L hi vis rucksack and 1x hi viz pannier dry bag.

Please note that this product cannot be bought from Germany.

Price:57.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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