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Hard Ground Heavy Duty Tent Peg - Set of 10

Hard Ground Heavy Duty Tent Peg - Set of 10
Hard Ground Tent Pegs - Front ViewHard Ground Tent Pegs - 10 PackHard Ground Tent Pegs - Peg DimensionsHard Ground Tent Pegs - Nylon Head DimensionsHard Ground Tent Pegs - Head Dimensions

Our Hard Ground Heavy Duty Tent Pegs are perfect for securing your tent, tarp or awning, particularly in areas of hard ground, but also on softer ground.

Featuring a tough nylon head and durable plastic hooks, these 6mm steel pegs are ideal for all your camping needs. These pegs can be hammered hard without bending.

The plastic hooks on each peg are a Hi-Viz orange colour for increased visibility when in the ground.

Each peg is 6mm thick and over 20cm long, providing excellent grip and resistance to bending.

Comes as a set of 10.

Dimensions (Peg):
Length: 20.5 cm
Head Width: 1.3cm
Thickness: 0.6cm

Dimensions (Nylon Head):
Length: 3.3cm
Width: 4cm

Weight (per peg): 55g
Weight of 10 pegs: 550g

Price:4.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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