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Drybox 22 - Camouflage Dry Box

Drybox 22 - Camouflage Dry Box
Drybox 22 - Camouflage Dry BoxDrybox 22 - Aerial View DimensionsDrybox 22 - Side View DimensionsDrybox 22 - Padded InteriorDrybox 22 - Interior Dimensions

Drybox 22 is a dry box which is great for small to medium sized phones or sat navs. The boxes are made from tough ABS plastic and are held closed by a twin catch clip.

The box interior is padded to afford your equipment a degree of protection from knocks and bumps. The boxes are watertight in most situations and can cope with being dropped into the water etc. In most cases the boxes will have sufficient buoyancy to float with the contents inside unless particularly heavy items are being carried.

The dry boxes have a wrist cord and holes to allow a padlock to lock the box shut if required. A sturdy hinge at the rear of the box helps keep pressure on the 'O ring' seal and keep the box watertight.

This box has camouflage colouring making it perfect for your trips into the outdoors.

Camouflage colouring
Twin Catch Clip
Reinforced Hinges
Padded Interior
Padlock Loops
Wrist Lanyard
Strong ABS Plastic

Internal Measurements: 153mm x 83mm x 24mm
External Measurements: 180mm x 110mm x 40mm

Weight: 255g

Price:13.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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