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Cooking Tripod

Cooking Tripod
Camping TripodCamping Tripod - DimensionsCamping Tripod - Compact when disassembledCamping Tripod - Assembly methodCamping Tripod - Screw attachments
Camping Tripod - Centre PieceAluminium cooking tripod - Pot not included.Aluminium cooking tripod in use. Pot not included

Our Cooking Tripod is designed for cooking using a pot over a stove, fire or firebox and is a great addition to any camping or bushcraft kit.

The tripod consists of three 84cm non-adjustable stainless steel legs which screw into a 3.3cm centre piece to form a tripod 70.6cm in height.

A pot hook can be hung from the middle of the centre piece via a chain, which at full extension is 40.5cm in length. This chain can be shortened as needed, allowing you to adjust the height of the pot hanging over your fire or stove.

Comes with mesh pouch for easy transport.

Do not touch metal parts while cooking.

Dimensions (when assembled):
Height: 70.6cm
Width: 57cm
Max chain length: 40.5 cm
Weight: 430g
Max weight on hook: 10kg

Price:16.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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